It may have been a year of mixed emotions in the UK with the huge success of the Olympics and Paralympics, preceeded by the Queens Jubilee but here at team F1 Hoverpod we have our own meassure of success to be cheered. F1 Hoverpod has now gained leagal protection under the terms of both Copywrite and now Trade Mark for it’s 100% unique logo as displayed above. This follows on for it’s previous and still existing Trade Mark protection of the word Hoverpod.

Over the next few weeks and months and whilst we are all waiting for the big build up of Christmas, F1 Hoverpod and it’s group of companies will be sharing many new announcements to which we are all very excited at the prospect of sharing the information with you all when the time is right to do so. In the meantime please feel free to share this information with other supporters and enjoy the moment what F1 Hoverpod Ltd secured a major part of it’s future with the protection of Trade Mark.

Stay tuned for some exciting news due to be shared soon.

Team Manager.