This is an official announcement in reference to the
negative postings some time ago and publically promoted on the web site Ripoff

The team and it’s legal advisors at F1
Hoverpod Ltd
have worked tirelessly over several years to identify the
culprit and perpetrator of such slander and libel comments in order to issue
legal proceedings against them. I am now delighted to announce that through the
cooperation of Bing, Yahoo & Google, the identity of said postings has
finally been confirmed and what comes next could well cause a major Reaction in
the South of England as well as the West Coast for misuse of software designed
to multi click web sites and disguise the IP address to which it was operating.
Not so in this case. smiley

I would now like to formally thank the whole team at, Yahoo and Google for all the kind support and professional manner in
which they conducted the research into the alleged suggestion that these
comments were a total fabrication and designed from a point of malicious attack
by a competitor and ex employee of F1
Hoverpod Ltd
. smiley

The evidence provided to the major search engine web sites
was overwhelmingly obvious in the end and after conduction an investigation
through “Chilling Effects” as well as others, it was deemed that the content
required instant removal from all web sites to which the Law of the Land deemed
it to be libel. As such, I am now pleased to announce that the comments have
finally been removed from view and F1 Hoverpod Ltd have finally been exonerated
from all wrong doing at long last. smiley

Finally, I wish to thank all our supporters for the kind
words in both e-mails and letters of support and for the team at F1 Hoverpod and F1 Hoverpod Racing, it’s business
as usual with an onward and upward approach to the new year. smiley

Team Manager.