The dust may have settled and the party hats sent off to be recycled but the fast lane has just appeared again for the start of the new year at F1 Hoverpod Ltd.

Firstly lets keep with tradition and welome back to the world of Hoverpod and the news as it happens, A Huge Happy New Year To You All and I’m personally pleased to see you all safely back after Christmas and reading the blogs, thank you.

Now, the world of Hoverpod has been shaken by the foundations up this year, with new appointments to the Board and Management team, all designed to bring strength and stability to the forefront in readiness to the planned expansion for the following year.

The board at F1 Hoverpod Ltd has been expanded early in the year with a new member from the world of International Banking & Finance with a long standing history of success. In a previous life this new member was the CEO of one of Hong Kong’s largest import/export business’s and as a qualified lawyer and background in business accountancy, it blends very well to hit the ground running within the team.

The atmosphere and excitiment within the team camp this year is simply 101% and the positive attitude within the team shows the confidence and enthusiastic start to the year with the open mind and optimistic future to which the whole team is extremely delighted to be included.

Team Manager