Progress at F1 Hoverpod Racing is as always in an advancing state of movement. Winter appeared to sneak up a little this year whilst we were not looking but this always brings along new challenges for the team to overcome.The recent snow on the ground caused some chaos to which was a little unexpected but provided the advantage of testing some of the components and stress related factors in the natural elements and sub zero conditions, the oucome was better than expected and a real opportunity to say”told you so” from the technical department.Some of the team have taken the Christmas spirit to the extream and decided to dress up in fancy dress for the occasion and I have to say it’s brought a smile to many a visitor to the site and it’s sometime hard to take serious an Elf who’s working on developing a reduction in emissions on a daily basis.All it leaves me left to say is a “Very Merry Christmas” to all our supporters and fans who have been so loyal and on occasions quite humerous with the comments on the blogs, we hope you show the same support for next year and look forward to meeting some of you at launch day.Team Manager.