4th April 2011.

Let me start this announcement by congratulating India on
its fantastic win in the world cup of cricket and what an emphatic win it was
in the end. Thrills and excitement came in almost every event of the match and
the expectation was of a win but with an hint of caution as Sri lanka were not
going to let it go without a battle. Well done India in the end for sticking to
the game plan so well.

India has a close working relationship for the team at
Formula Hoverpod having many of its key team members originating from India as
as one would expect, still having very close ties with family and friends from
India. As such, it was always expected that a slight distraction would be
anticipated with the onslaught of the world cup and cricket being the sport of
all Indian people.

There is a particular interest for all at Formula Hoverpod
for India as it is outlined as one of the locations for developing the race
series and is a high priority for the establishment of the F1 Hoverpod Racing
series and the way India has always displayed such interest in sport has been
very encouraging to the team at Hoverpod.

There are many locations within India where the Hoverpod can
come into its own when used as essential transport in locations such as flood
plains or marsh lands. India, as we all know has a series problem within the
flood plains when the monsoon season starts and this is just one application
where the Hoverpod would come into its own in such adverse conditions.

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Team Manager