It’s now officially the start of Autumn here in the UK and
whilst the supporters of F1 Hoverpod®
in Australia won’t quite understand the changes in temperatures which
happen here in the UK, you can be assured that it’s getting cold but with an
air of beauty as the colours of the trees and the migrating birds have left the
sky’s quite empty is an early sign of what’s to come. smiley

For those who are of the know and saw the press awards
section over October, you will be aware that F1 Hoverpod® Racing won it’s second “Sir Christopher Cockrell”
award which was presented at the London
College of Art
for design and
excellence and as always we are immensely proud of our achievements and very
grateful to the College of Art for it’s continued support. smiley

Moving ahead with the research of material to be used within
the structure of the hull section we have some excellent news that will provide
F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture Ltd with a composite weave that is 21st
century technology and will provide the Hoverpod® with a structure that has
both strength and durability at it’s core and provides the peace of mind to the
customer that the product will require the minimum of maintenance over it’s
lifetime and always perform to it’s maximum potential for many years to come and
with the added comfort of “No Ugly Sticky Patches” to hide the failure or weak
spots. smiley

The final and most rewarding news was the thorough enquiry
by the internet investigation team into the continued slander and libel
comments posted on the internet by a competitor to which has now been proven to
be the case. I should not have to say any more than the Reaction was to lie and
deny but the truth was provided by an impartial and investigative body to which
could not be denied. The result being that the comments have now been removed
and any further comments will be traced. I recommend you view
as to the outcome. Whilst I am now provided with a clear and conclusive
pathway to sue for damages if we so wish or desired, after acquiring a copy of
the accounts of some almost 11 years of trading, appears that a Lawyers Bill of
as much as £20,000 to sue a company who are already showing to have nothing and
no cash would be to become a bigger fool than they are. As such, I prefer to
let the facts speak for themselves and our motto of “Honesty in the face of
Adversity” would be the way forward. I dare say that we will celebrate when the
Reaction finally comes to the end of it’s days. smiley

Keep watching the blogs for some news regarding some new appointments
to the management team which shows the continued expansion is still on target.

Keep the faith.

Team Manager.