It’s been a long and very hard winter here in the North of
England and despite the experts constantly telling us about global warming, it’s
snowing outside and I’m freezing.

However, I understand our supporters and friends in
Australia are suffering a heat wave in Perth. “I have no sympathy as I’m sick
with jealousy”.

Here at F1HP the progress and start of the year often gets
off to a slow start and we are no exception. However it’s good news on the fan
blade developments and whilst I’m under constraints not to say too much, we
have some news graphics being produced to which will be posted shortly on the
web site and form part of the new brochure.

I wish to thank you all for pointing out that and had not
been working, whilst I’m not 100% sure, I am informed there were some problems
with the server and all will be fully functioning by the end of this
week………… ”I hope” !!!.

I did make a promise that I would keep you informed of the
progress in regards to the liable comments on the internet, I understand now
why they who are alleged to be posting them are so worried about their own
future, see below.


It is my understanding that the customer who carries the vendetta
against these people were well known to them and are now suffering from the
experience of buying from them. Both Steve & Andy lost their business as a
direct result of the reliability and warranty of this company. However, our
research department has obtained a copy of the annual accounts and returns of
this company and the recommendation was “Not worth taking action” as they have
no assets and too many creditors. In total there is a deficit of over
£600.000.00 and no way of repaying the debt, as such it looks like a question
of possible trading illegally and I prefer to say let them hang themselves.

Keep the interest and comments flowing, they truly are an

Team Manager