F1 Hoverpod® Racing Ltd.

This is simple look back at the year of F1 Hoverpod® Ltd and a reminder of the
progress and developments that have been made and confirmed to be used in the
new Manx GT Craft.

The New propeller/fan blade which has caused so much
interest is presently under development and will be shown in the New Year. The
key development and areas of challenge to F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture Ltd were a
reduction in noise, an increase in air flow and a stronger more durable blade
that was fit for purpose and placed safety at the forefront and without

The second development that was confirmed was the new fuel
and fuel system. Both of which were developed with the help and support of a
world leader in the area of fuel technology. This called for a new type of fuel
tank which was a major issue when considering the challenges of racing. The
solution was as always “no compromise” and the very best in the world was the
answer. A product which meets all the standards of European legislation for
vehicle fuel storage in vehicles. Once again, this will be displayed for the
public in the new year on the “Manx GT”.

Finally, the “All New Manx GT” hull technology that has
caused such a stir. This has been developed with the help of the Institute of Materials
& Mining who as we all know are the world leader in the field of composite technology.
The breakthrough in the durability and reduction in wear has astonished the
very best.

Finally, I wish to send out a message of thanks to all our
true supporters, sponsors and partners who have seen us through a difficult
year. A very special thanks to those who have sent such good comments through
the blogs and web sites of support which has been very encouraging.

This leaves me with one final task. To Wish You All A Very
Happy New Year for 2010 from all the team at F1 Hoverpod® Ltd.

Team Manager.