November 1st 2009

Whilst I always do my best to be ahead of the game, I did
not expect to be posting a new announcement within 24 hours. However, News is news.

I have now been cleared to make a brief announcement in
relation to engine management system for the Hoverpod® range. A total
re-mapping of the software has been undertaken in order to further reduce
emissions and increase power throughout the whole rev range. The result and
outcome being a much more even flowing power band and more efficient use of the
fuel. The effect on the craft is to increase fuel consumption with a major
reduction in emissions which is very good for the environment.

For those who are calculating the cost (not F1 Hoverpod®)
and feel they wonder why we spend at such levels, perfection is required and
demanded by our customers and interested parties and the £250,000 for engine
mapping system is what it costs in the modern world of Motor Sport.

The challenge was to make a world beating product, the
result is so far on budget and better than first expected.

Team Manager