27th September 2009.

It’s been a long and hard week this one. With the announcement of start dates and sites available we have been quite busy with the application forms. They can still be downloaded as we did have an e-mail this week notifying us that the URL/link was broken. Thank for pointing that out to us. For those who missed the blogs this week, the paperwork can be found at http://www.f1hp.com/applicationform.pdf

We have made it quite clear that we are not seeking your money and I wish to provide that assurance at the outset. At this stage it’s simply your opportunity to register your interest for a club to which you feel you have already identified a location that you feel is suitable and acceptable to hold the F1 Hoverpod® Racing events in the UK.

The clubs site whilst being a bit basic is working. It will form part of the communal UK web site format to which the clubs and events will be displayed and promoted through, this can be found at www.f1hp.com

The news regarding production will be announced shortly but the assurance is that we on schedule.

We will be up dating the news site shortly wish some announcements and as always this can be found at www.hoverpod-news.com . On that point I notice that many of you ask us where the kids can have a go on the Hoverpod® game, if you go to the news site at www.hoverpod-news.com and look toward the bottom of the page, you will find the game. I’m told that it’s quite testing and that kids (Not Dad’s) master it quite quickly.

Keep the comments flying in………………and the jokes !!.

Team Manager