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Hoverpod Propeller

Progress Posted on Mon, May 25, 2015 12:58:45


The understanding and definition of Propeller.

I would like to start with the definition of the word
Propeller to which in the world of Hoverpod® is something that is often misused.
I have hear the driving force of the Hoverpod® called a Fan, Turbine and many
other terms but in truth it is a propulsion system and to that end defines it
as a Propeller.

The definition and description of the propeller as well as
this history of the propeller has a varied and interesting history and some of
which is defined below:

The twisted airfoil (aerofoil) shape of an
aircraft propeller was pioneered by the Wright brothers. While some earlier
engineers had attempted to model air propellers on marine propellers, the
Wrights realized that a propeller is essentially the same as a wing, and were
able to use data from their earlier wind tunnel experiments on wings. The
Wrights introduced a twist along the length of the blades. This was necessary
to maintain a more uniform angle of attack of the blade along its length. Their original propeller blades had an efficiency of
about 82%, compared to the 90% of modern propellers. Mahogany was the wood
preferred for propellers through World War I, but wartime shortages encouraged
use of walnut, oak, cherry and ash.

Alberto Santos Dumont was another early
pioneer, having designed propellers before the Wright Brothers (albeit not as
efficient) for his airships. He applied the knowledge he gained from
experiences with airships to make a propeller with a steel shaft and aluminum
blades for his 14 bis biplane. Some of his designs used a bent aluminum sheet
for blades, thus creating an airfoil shape. They were heavily under cambered,
and this plus the absence of lengthwise twist made them less efficient than the
Wright propellers. Even so, this was perhaps the
first use of aluminum in the construction of an air screw.

Originally, a rotating airfoil behind the
aircraft, which pushes it, was called a propeller, while one which pulled from
the front was a tractor. Later the term ‘pusher’
became adopted for the rear-mounted device in contrast to the tractor
configuration and both became referred to as ‘propellers’ or ‘air-screws’.

The understanding of low speed propeller
aerodynamics was fairly complete by the 1920s, but later requirements to handle
more power in a smaller diameter have made the problem more complex.

Since the 1940s, propellers and prop fans with swept tips or
curved “scimitar-shaped” blades have been studied for use in
high-speed applications so as to delay the onset of shock waves, in similar
manner to wing sweep back, where the blade tips approach the speed of sound. The
Airbus A400M turboprop transport aircraft is expected to provide the first
production example: note that it is not a prop fan because the propellers are
not mounted directly to the engine shaft but are driven through reduction

Variable Pitch

The purpose of varying pitch angle with a variable-pitch
propeller is to maintain an optimal angle of attack (maximum lift to drag
ratio) on the propeller blades as aircraft speed varies. Early pitch control
settings were pilot operated, either two-position or manually variable.
Following World War I, automatic propellers were developed to maintain an
optimum angle of attack. This was done by balancing the centripetal twisting
moment on the blades and a set of counterweights against a spring and the
aerodynamic forces on the blade. Automatic props had the advantage of being
simple, lightweight, and requiring no external control, but a particular
propeller’s performance was difficult to match with that of the aircraft’s power plant. An improvement on the automatic type was the constant-speed
propeller. Constant-speed propellers allow the pilot to select a rotational
speed for maximum engine power or maximum efficiency, and a propeller governor
acts as a closed-loop controller to vary propeller pitch angle as required to
maintain the selected engine speed. In most aircraft this system is hydraulic,
with engine oil serving as the hydraulic fluid. However, electrically
controlled propellers were developed during World War II and saw extensive use
on military aircraft, and have recently seen a revival in use on home built

On some variable-pitch propellers, the blades
can be rotated parallel to the airflow to reduce drag in case of an engine
failure. This uses the term feathering, borrowed from rowing. On
single-engined aircraft, whether a powered glider or turbine-powered aircraft,
the effect is to increase the gliding distance. On a mufti-engine aircraft,
feathering the propeller on a failed engine helps the aircraft to maintain
altitude with the reduced power from the remaining engines.

Most feathering systems for reciprocating
engines sense a drop in oil pressure and move the blades toward the feather
position, and require the pilot to pull the propeller control back to disengage
the high-pitch stop pins before the engine reaches idle RPM. Turboprop control
systems usually utilize a negative torque sensor in the reduction gearbox
which moves the blades toward feather when the engine is no longer providing
power to the propeller. Depending on design, the pilot may have to push a
button to override the high-pitch stops and complete the feathering process, or
the feathering process may be totally automatic.

Reverse Pitch

In some aircraft, such as the C-130 Hercules,
the pilot can manually override the constant-speed mechanism to reverse the
blade pitch angle, and thus the thrust of the engine (although the rotation of
the engine itself does not reverse). This is used to help slow the plane down
after landing in order to save wear on the brakes and tires, but in some cases
also allows the aircraft to back up on its own – this is particularly useful
for getting float planes out of confined docks. See also Thrust reversal

Team Principal smiley

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Latest News from F1 Hoverpod.

Progress Posted on Thu, October 25, 2012 10:04:09

It may have been a year of mixed emotions in the UK with the huge success of the Olympics and Paralympics, preceeded by the Queens Jubilee but here at team F1 Hoverpod we have our own meassure of success to be cheered. F1 Hoverpod has now gained leagal protection under the terms of both Copywrite and now Trade Mark for it’s 100% unique logo as displayed above. This follows on for it’s previous and still existing Trade Mark protection of the word Hoverpod.

Over the next few weeks and months and whilst we are all waiting for the big build up of Christmas, F1 Hoverpod and it’s group of companies will be sharing many new announcements to which we are all very excited at the prospect of sharing the information with you all when the time is right to do so. In the meantime please feel free to share this information with other supporters and enjoy the moment what F1 Hoverpod Ltd secured a major part of it’s future with the protection of Trade Mark.

Stay tuned for some exciting news due to be shared soon.

Team Manager.

Not more Drought

Progress Posted on Fri, April 27, 2012 10:46:29

If we are to believe the weather office in the UK we must
accept their findings that the UK is in severe drought. In God’s own county of
Yorkshire, we have had three weeks of drought by day and drought by night, so
much drought that the rivers are all in flood and the reservoirs are all
overflowing which is a pretty sight to see but after three weeks of drought
falling from the skies, I’m fed up of drought. smiley

For all of our friends and families in the South of England it’s a totally
different story. They are suffering a hose pipe ban and a sever lack of water
to which one wonders why we in the north can’t help in some way. We have
buckets of drought to spare but with no practical solution to sending it to
you. The weekend outlook is for up to 2 inches of rain…. “er”
drought to fall in my area with even more for the South. I suppose the weather
experts will then tell us it’s all fallen in the wrong places !!!.

On the positive side, it’s great weather for a Hoverpod as the craft will
travel across just about any surface whether it is water or land and as such
the severe climate changes around the globe is something that F1 Hoverpod have taken on
board as part of it’s development process for the future. A small light vehicle
to which has the ability to travel at high speed across water, ice, snow or
land was many advantages over conventional products to which have their own
natural restrictions. The UK may be in drought but F1 Hoverpod is leading the
way in technology for the future climate changes and potential disasters facing
the world.smiley

Team Manager

F1 Hoverpod Ltd

Progress Posted on Tue, April 03, 2012 11:21:36

Latest News from F1 Hoverpod Ltd

The exciting news from the home front about F1 Hoverpod Ltd is in many ways a
continuation of developments surrounding the business and team continues going
from strength to strength in a very positive and efficient way, all of this on
the back of what was at huge victory in the early part of 2012 regarding the
very damming comments posted on the internet of which in the end the truth
finally came out. Whilst the truth was all that was sought from the team, the
deleting of such content was something that all of the big three major search
engines were so sympathetic to our plight and were so professional in the way
they dealt with the problem and were so very kind in assisting in the removal of
the now proven to be libel comments from the internet under the instruction and
guidance of the independent body “Chilling
”. The panel of which are a body of professional experts chosen from
the legal world as well as academia and who combine there efforts to assess the
content and all of the trace elements of where, why and who posted such
information and confer to conclude and base the final outcome/decision upon the
reality and not the gossip. The outcome was a total victory for F1 Hoverpod who was totally exonerated
of any wrong doing and now the Lawyers take up the task of damages action which
now starts in regards to the party or parties whom posted such content.

It’s now late March and has seen plenty of good progress
within the team of F1 Hoverpod Ltd
and with the corporate structure and board changes amongst some of the
developments from within the group of
companies, it’s been a very welcome and pleasant surprise that arrived in early
March with an invite from a very prestigious Institution requesting that the
team present a lecture to the academics regarding the pathway and developments
of F1 Hoverpod and its partner
company F1 Hoverpod Racing of which
has attracted so much media and personal interest from around the globe, in
most recent times of which the gossip columns have now confirmed has come from
the Middle East and Asia. What I am allowed to confirm today is that the
progress and discussions are an ongoing situation and all in a positive manor,
so for the short term I can say the signs are truly encouraging at this early

As many of you who are fans of social networking now know by
following us on Facebook, there has been a well documented tour of Europe
organised by some of the key members of the team with the intention of drawing
attention to the business and to encourage the interest from within those
countries to show some support for the business and bring the subject of
Hoverpod Racing into the arena and once again the news from the front line is
that this trip was a huge success, a planned further trip to Switzerland and
Central Europe is potentially in the offering and I will confirm this as and
when the timing has been confirmed.

and F1
Hoverpod Racing
have now connected with Google + and created two new sites
for you to enjoy and in which you can follow the daily activities and much of
the developments as they happen. We do like to encourage you to leave your
comments and feedback and even upload your pictures etc if you wish and I can
confirm the whole team enjoy reading your comments and the all too often humour
and I’m sure will appreciate your pictures or holiday snaps if you wish. (make
us jealous) Spring has at last arrived and we do anticipate even more progress
and the postings in the forth coming weeks should help to keep you tuned in and
be the first to hear the news from F1 Hoverpod Ltd as it happens.

Team manager

Ripoff Report

Progress Posted on Wed, January 25, 2012 21:05:22

This is an official announcement in reference to the
negative postings some time ago and publically promoted on the web site Ripoff

The team and it’s legal advisors at F1
Hoverpod Ltd
have worked tirelessly over several years to identify the
culprit and perpetrator of such slander and libel comments in order to issue
legal proceedings against them. I am now delighted to announce that through the
cooperation of Bing, Yahoo & Google, the identity of said postings has
finally been confirmed and what comes next could well cause a major Reaction in
the South of England as well as the West Coast for misuse of software designed
to multi click web sites and disguise the IP address to which it was operating.
Not so in this case. smiley

I would now like to formally thank the whole team at, Yahoo and Google for all the kind support and professional manner in
which they conducted the research into the alleged suggestion that these
comments were a total fabrication and designed from a point of malicious attack
by a competitor and ex employee of F1
Hoverpod Ltd
. smiley

The evidence provided to the major search engine web sites
was overwhelmingly obvious in the end and after conduction an investigation
through “Chilling Effects” as well as others, it was deemed that the content
required instant removal from all web sites to which the Law of the Land deemed
it to be libel. As such, I am now pleased to announce that the comments have
finally been removed from view and F1 Hoverpod Ltd have finally been exonerated
from all wrong doing at long last. smiley

Finally, I wish to thank all our supporters for the kind
words in both e-mails and letters of support and for the team at F1 Hoverpod and F1 Hoverpod Racing, it’s business
as usual with an onward and upward approach to the new year. smiley

Team Manager.

Exciting News from F1 Hoverpod Ltd

Progress Posted on Tue, January 17, 2012 09:59:17

The dust may have settled and the party hats sent off to be recycled but the fast lane has just appeared again for the start of the new year at F1 Hoverpod Ltd.

Firstly lets keep with tradition and welome back to the world of Hoverpod and the news as it happens, A Huge Happy New Year To You All and I’m personally pleased to see you all safely back after Christmas and reading the blogs, thank you.

Now, the world of Hoverpod has been shaken by the foundations up this year, with new appointments to the Board and Management team, all designed to bring strength and stability to the forefront in readiness to the planned expansion for the following year.

The board at F1 Hoverpod Ltd has been expanded early in the year with a new member from the world of International Banking & Finance with a long standing history of success. In a previous life this new member was the CEO of one of Hong Kong’s largest import/export business’s and as a qualified lawyer and background in business accountancy, it blends very well to hit the ground running within the team.

The atmosphere and excitiment within the team camp this year is simply 101% and the positive attitude within the team shows the confidence and enthusiastic start to the year with the open mind and optimistic future to which the whole team is extremely delighted to be included.

Team Manager

F1 Hoverpod Ltd & Christmas

Progress Posted on Sun, December 25, 2011 21:54:28

The Christmas party is now behind us at F1 Hoverpod Ltd and for now the dust has settled, allbeit not for long. The whole Team at the F1 Hoverpod Ltd
group of companies are on a well earned break and I would like to be
the first to congratulate them on a successfull year and just to say how
proud I am of the who team for the effort they have all made.
build up for this years Christmas party was at best situation of who
will survive the night the longest and for others a case of “not again”.

was a great feel about the last two weeks before Christmas when the
team took to dressing up in costumes relating the a Christmas theme and
Colin (in a world of his own) for whatever reason decided that a 6′ tall
bright pink fairy was his theme, although the hairy chest told it’s own
story. smiley

will be some exciting news announcements in the early part of the year
and I will post these as soon as I have the approvement to do so from
the press office and the enquiries regarding the potential new office in
a far away place is something I will update you all about in the new
year but for the time being all I can say is that I cannot confirm or
deny it at this stage, stay tuned and all will become clear in good

Merry Christmas

Progress Posted on Sun, December 11, 2011 17:39:42

Progress at F1 Hoverpod Racing is as always in an advancing state of movement. Winter appeared to sneak up a little this year whilst we were not looking but this always brings along new challenges for the team to overcome.The recent snow on the ground caused some chaos to which was a little unexpected but provided the advantage of testing some of the components and stress related factors in the natural elements and sub zero conditions, the oucome was better than expected and a real opportunity to say”told you so” from the technical department.Some of the team have taken the Christmas spirit to the extream and decided to dress up in fancy dress for the occasion and I have to say it’s brought a smile to many a visitor to the site and it’s sometime hard to take serious an Elf who’s working on developing a reduction in emissions on a daily basis.All it leaves me left to say is a “Very Merry Christmas” to all our supporters and fans who have been so loyal and on occasions quite humerous with the comments on the blogs, we hope you show the same support for next year and look forward to meeting some of you at launch day.Team Manager.

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